Our team

Maria DragoneMariana Dragone

From the very young age of 4 years old, I always knew I wanted to be a dancer.

Growing up in Rosario, Argentina, I went to dance school there and moved to Buenos Aires at the age of 20 years old. And from then on, my professional career as a tango dancer took off.

I have toured the world many times teaching and performing on all continents, and I continue touring still to this day.

I am currently performing with the Tango x2 dance company of Miguel Anguel Zotto, as well as touring on my own to teach and perform both in Buenos Aires and abroad. Buenos Aires is my city and I am happy to let you in on all it has to offer.

Mathieu Brossard

After 15 years in the corporate fast lane working in telecom and aviation, I decided that life was too short to do anything less than what I love every day.Mathieu Brossard

I built my own business organizing specialty tours around the world, which led me to Argentina for the first time in 2006. My love story with this country deepening, I moved to Buenos Aires in 2009 and decided to open La Maleva in 2010 with Mariana Dragone.

I have organized and still offer multiple tours in Buenos Aires, around Argentina and all over the world. I am passionate about food and cooking, and I love tango dancing and music. I also dj regularly at various milongas in Buenos Aires and around the world.

I am always happy to share with you my favorite places to explore, dance, eat, or just have fun in Buenos Aires.


BiagiI grew up in the barrio of Collegiales until 2 friendly tango tourists founds me roaming the streets, famished, and decided to offer me shelter for a few days.

Having to return to Canada, they found me a new home at La Maleva.

I love people, purring, chasing paper balls and I always enjoy being petted!

Jesus Pietropaulo

Jesus Pietropaulo

From early childhood, always an explorator. As an adult, a dancer, always ready to lend a hand. Danceand music lover. Mystical up to my name. I am linked to La Maleva via a trip to Japan and many years of a wonderful friendship.

Elsa Wirth


I grew up in Switzerland, but moved to the United States when I began university. Interested both in neuroscience and dance, I designed my own major, focusing on the relationship between the movement of the body and a consciousness of the self.

Having stumbled on Tango by accident, but recognizing it as a highly relevant resource to this work, I promptly went to spend the summer in Buenos Aires. Infatuated with the boundless creativity of the people in this city, I eventually moved here altogether.

Struck by good fortune, Mariana and Mathieu were in need of a helping hand, and I now get to wallow in their good onda while I am waiting to be struck by inspiration in respect to the next part of my life.

I will always be happy to share some adventuring with you, be it in an exploration of the city or an animated debate on scientific, philosophical, or dance-related matters.